What’s in a bundle ?

As consumers we have come to expect that our mobile phone contracts are “unlimited” in terms of UK Calls and Texts to Local, National and Mobile destinations, generally speaking we have various price points depending on the size of data bundle we have.

However, on most of the Corporate Tariffs, there is either no choice for unlimited calls and texts or it is not cost effective.

When reviewing your business mobiles, the first step is ANALYSIS, for instance, I was preparing proposal for an existing client, this was the first chance I had to quote for their mobile business.

From my analysis of 12 month’s data, one key aspect I highlighted was the volume of text messages sent by the business. As part of the package the business has an allowance for 7000 texts, however they exceeded this allowance in each of the past 12 months and more than one occasion they more doubled this monthly allowance.

Over a 12-month period, the business spent almost £5000.00, on out of bundle text messages. As part of my proposal, I included an extra text bundle to cover the peak of their text usage costing an extra £41.00 a month.

Vs. the previous out of bundle spend this posed and annual saving more than £4500.00

Engaging with a someone (me), who has a good understanding of the available tariffs and networks, to review you mobile services and conduct a proper analysis of your usage can result in a bespoke, optimised and cost effective solution.

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