What difference would fibre broadband make to your business?

Solid, reliable and quick internet access is crucial for every business, here are a couple benefits of Fibre Broadband, for SME, Corporates and Home/ Remote workers.

SMEs –  opens up a world of cloud-based services that can reduce IT costs, allowing you run multiple web services and business apps at the same time, and enjoy faster browsing and increased upload and download speeds

Corporate customers – help businesses integrate their in-house voice and data networks, and take advantage of next-generation IP services. (VoIP for Business helps to reduce overheads and add critical functionality for Disaster Recover and Mobile Working)

what difference would fibre broabband make to your business

Home-working and high-bandwidth users  – faster, more reliable connections make it easier to access to online services and applications, like file sharing and sharing programs to help users work remotely.

Home users  – exceptional speeds mean joe public can enjoy super-fast browsing, smooth “you-tubing” (other streaming sites are available) and always connected on-line gaming. (not strictly business, but everyone needs some downtime)

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