Fibre Leased Lines

Offering a dedicated, secure and low latency, highspeed connection for Voice, Data and Video –  all with a free ADSL backup

An Ethernet Connection for your business provides unrivalled connectivity, you have a guaranteed and un-contented bandwidth – for you and your staff.

Sometimes referred to as a Leased Line, a Fibre Ethernet Connection, regardless of how you refer to this type of internet connection, the service is delivered directly in to your premises via a fibre bearer, commonly this will be a 100MB/s bearer, although this can be a 1GB/s or even a 10GB/s bearer.

This type of connectivity offers a business scalability as you could start out with a lower bandwidth and increase your capacity as you needs grow, if your business has 20 employee, you could begin with a 10/100Mb/s – meaning you would have a dedicated 10MB Upload and 10MB download bandwidth capacity – that you business could increase to a maximum of 100/100MB/s as you require the additional bandwidth.

Ethernet connectivity is one of the most demanded products in the past year, there are a number of reasons for the big increase in demand Fibre connectivity.

  • Businesses moving towards cloud based applications and services, need a robust internet connection to support large user groups online accessing email, documents, software and CRM applications
  • Providing Voice and Data convergence for increased functionality and reduced cost
  • To enable large scale IP Telephony deployments where ISDN is too expensive and inflexible