Connectivity is King

During conversations with my clients, slow broadband is always a gripe. So I thought I would quickly summarise 4 key advantages of upgrading your business to fibre broadband.

1. You’ll get more done. 
Frustrated by slow downloads or hanging email when sending large files?

With fibre, you’ll notice a dramatic difference. Fibre Broadband for business is as much as 10 times faster than a standard UK broadband connection. With fibre you and your colleagues will no longer be pulling your hair out with slow and stuttery broadband.

  • Download 200Mb files in less than a minute.
  • Upload 30 photos to your website in 25 seconds. 
  • Cloud services like Office Online, File Storage and CRM will work better and faster

 2. Superfast connectivity makes you more innovative.
Cloud Collaboration, VoIP, Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Screen Sharing.

The above (and more) is now at the fingertips of even the smallest business because of superfast, reliable broadband and connectivity.

The stable and resilient speeds of fibre allow all of your colleagues to access the web at the same time. Faster, more reliable connections to superfast broadband, 4G and Wi-Fi mean you can get on-line from different devices, anywhere, anytime.

This makes working together easier, and puts collaboration and ideas sharing at the heart of business.

3. Fibre can save you money. 
Not only is Superfast Broadband affordable, but it makes businesses more responsive to its customers, it improves lines of communications between colleagues, thus making our businesses more efficient, which is priceless!

4. Fibre improves ‘cloud’ computing. What does that mean? 
As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous, high speed symmetrical connections become essential. Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. It removes the requirement to locally run applications or programs and manage a physical computer or server at your premises. Instead cloud computing allows businesses to access the same kinds of applications through the internet, hence why connectivity is king. 

I am trusted by my clients to advise on telecoms and technology for business, I offer a solution lead sales process, with in-depth knowledge and experience of integrated Telephony, Connectivity and Mobile solutions that transform business operations – driving productivity, efficiency gains and collaborative working. Resulting in bottom line cost savings.

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